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Protection + Boundary Magic for your Daily Practice!


I hope you have been having a beautiful Full Moon and a lovely Pisces season. Pisces season can be a wonderful time of dreaming, imagination and creativity and exploring liminality of beyond the veil. It can also be a time where energies can feel murky and leave us feeling porous and yearning for containment. This can be a time where we are needing psychic and energetic boundaries more than ever. If you are magically inclined or even a human living on planet earth at this time, psychic protections can be extremely beneficial and supportive for navigating our daily lives whether you are prone to picking up wild energies while at the grocery store or traversing the astral plane during your dream scapes.

Psychic Protections can be any technique that invokes boundary and protection including visualizations, physical ritual and spell work, and invocation that create buffer, glamour, boundary and protections for our energetic, spiritual, and psychic body. There are many ways to explore boundary and protection magic. Psychic boundaries and protection techniques are important to our practice because it allows us to be energetically safer, discerning, and clear in our workings and even in our daily life. It’s important to know our energetic fields intricatically and to have tools and techniques cultivated to claim and maintain sovereignty.

Here are a few ways to integrate psychic protection in our daily lives:

〰️Make biodegradable offerings to your spirits, ancestors and elements to cultivate and nourish relationship. Call upon your spirits to work with them in boundaries and protections.

〰Protection with mirrors: I place 64 layers of mirrors around me, I ask these mirrors be invoked with sovereignty and sword magic - imagine two crossed swords in each mirror (like the 2 of swords), imagine these mirrors have thorns of platinum, gold and silver embedded into each mirror.

〰Imagine a ring of cobalt blue fire around you, imagine it burning away any psychic attack, any harmful energies, and anything that is not in alignment with sovereignty.

〰Invoke a mirror for protection and place on your altar, in your window facing outward, or bury small mirrors around your home for house protection.

〰Imagine yourself in an egg, imagine this egg can be any color, it might be multiple colors and allow it to seal you in and protect you.

〰Imagine rings of salt around you creating protections and boundaries, I also suggest salt on the altar, in the home, and carrying on your person as a psychic protection.

Every month at the Dark Moon I offer a Psychic Protection guided process to explore energetic boundaries and grounding via my Patreon!

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