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A space to support your altar + magic 


Through my Patreon you will find tools centered in ritual and altar guidance, structures that support you connecting to your own magic, spirits and altars, bi-weekly live group sessions, and personalized monthly guidance. My practice is multi-faceted and is also expressed through art as community offer through digital spells which you will find here!

My intention with this space is to create a more intimate container of magical support while sharing teachings and tools to help you grow in your practice. 
I know how valuable it is to have consistent healing for maintenance, check in, and deeper ceremony while also centering learning and tutorials so you can learn techniques and methods to empower your craft. When you join my Patreon you also receive access to previous workshops, posts, tools, and healings.

Themes and topics covered in my Patreon:


  • Psychic and energetic protection

  • Energetic clearing

  • Psychic development and intuition building

  • Self-love and psychic self-care

  • Connection to ancestors, guides, and allies

  • Magical Activism 

  • Glamour Magic

  • Altar and ritual tending

  • AND MORE! 


The Tiers






In this tier you will receive: 

  • access to a weekly Collective energy update through tarot and oracle.

  • ritual suggestions, altar tending guidance, tarot spreads and astrological playlists! 

  • 30 min guided process for the Dark Moon covering topics such as protection magic, boundaries, circle casting, grounding, etc

Ethereal Expansion

In addition to everything in previous tier you will receive: 

  • New Moon Group Healing sessions on or around the New Moon every month! Live via Zoom, with the recording posted afterwards. 

Reaching Fullness 



In addition to everything in the previous tiers you will receive: 

  • Full Moon Group Healing sessions on or around the Full Moon every month! Live via Zoom, recording posted afterwards.

Personal Shift 

 $88 /month 


In addition to everything in previous tiers, you will receive: 

  • a personal 30 min reading/energy work recorded for you at the beginning of the month to support your month ahead

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