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F A Q ‘S 

What services do you offer?


There are two main types of sessions I do: Tarot Readings + Soul Tending Ceremony.

Soul-tending sessions can involve anything from clearing work, ancestral healing, elemental balancing, curse unraveling, depossession work, psychic protection, guided visualization, reclaiming your power and essence, psychic mediumship, cord cutting/tending, ceremony facilitation, and custom spell crafting and ritual guidance. 

I also offer house and space clearings and handfasting ceremony. 




How does a tarot reading work?


Tarot is a tool of divination that allows us to pull our magic and intuition into form and create a narrative and visual to find clarity, guidance, and healing. I suggest a reading if there is a specific area of your life you are needing guidance around: career, love, spiritual practice, life decisions, etc.  

I suggest Intuitive Tarot Readings if you are seeking clear, concrete guidance on movement forward, and clarity around practical steps and integration. I work with the cards to create a visual story board on the energy of a situation, or general life path. My tarot readings are conversational and involve a level of soul-tending within the reading. Often in tarot readings illumination will come up around blocks and I typically offer energy work to support in clearing. I also offer post-reading integration guidance and ritual suggestions. 

I do suggest coming to readings with an area that you want to focus on and questions, I do general readings if that is something you desire although it will be more general as far as the guidance.


What does an energy work session look like? 

I open the session with an intention and invitation of grounding, centeredness and creating a sacred space. I then create time to listen to you what you are desiring support around, what you are wanting clarity on, and what you would like to focus on. I often will draw cards to provide clarity before moving into the energy work. I then journey into the energy and work with the spirits to create the ceremony for you.

At this point you won't have to do anything but receive and relax, the energy work is facilitated through sound and song and it can involve anything from clearing, curse unraveling, soul essence retrieval, cord cutting, working on bringing in codes for your templates/mission/gifts, ancestral healing. 

At the end I share with the person what I saw and what occurred in the ceremony, and steps on moving forward. 

I highly suggest coming to session work with an area of intention and focus, questions, or an area of your life you desire seeking transformation in. I do not do ‘see what comes through’ sessions for energy work, and I will start with a reading or do a general clearing if there is not an area of focus.

Can I book a consult? 


I do offer consults for larger ceremony work such as House Blessings and Handfasting, you may reach out via email if you are interested in a bigger ceremony and I am happy to send you a private link for a consult. I do not currently do consults for Readings or Energy Work Sessions, if you would like to get a sense of who I am and how I work I would suggest checking out my Patreon as well as my Instagram. I am happy to answer any questions you might have over email: 


Are readings and sessions virtual or in person?


I am doing all session work virtually through Zoom or Skype at this time. I switched from in-person to virtual at the beginning of the pandemic to honor and respect clients health and safety. I am continuing to follow COVID guidelines and have not yet gone back to in person sessions. I do you offer PNW based house/space clearings in person at this time. Although, space clearings can be done virtually! 


I am most likely going to maintain doing virtual only sessions moving forward if and when the pandemic is over! I really like the accessibility it creates, it allows the client to be on their sacred space, and I am actually able to connect to the energy better. 



Do you do House/Space clearings?


Yes! I offer space clearings virtually and I am now open to doing Seattle or Portland based space clearings in person with COVID safety precautions. 


I suggest booking a free 15 min consult with me to chat about what is going on with your space, what a clearing entails, and it allows to feel into the energy to hear and understand what the space is needing! 


Every space clearing is different around needs, as far as pricing I offer virtual sessions for $195 (for one hour)

And in person sessions are anywhere from $300-700 depending on need/location/length of time. 


I also offer this service on sliding scale for Queer/Trans/BIPOC/SWers. 



What can I do to prepare for a reading or a session?


I suggest being in a quiet space, somewhere you will be undisturbed and can receive. If you would like to take notes I do suggest that as well, so pen and paper is great. I suggest having time after to rest, integrate, and reflect.


Where does Tarot come from? 


The first ‘recorded’ use of the Tarot (or Tarrochi in Italian) dates back to the late fourteenth century.The decorated cards were actually playing cards which were used for games,  and featured four different suits: wands, coins, cups, and swords. 

History books commonly share that Tarrochi ‘arose’ during the 1400’s, but not much else is recorded around where exactly these cards came from. History books often white-wash the real histories around certain practices and words like ‘surfaced’ and ‘arose’ are often used in describing practices that were appropriated and or stolen. 

Between 1300-1400 Romani people were arriving in Southeast Europe after migrating in waves from North India beginning in the 1000’s for unknown reasons but most believe that there was forced exodus. The Roma diaspora moved through the middle east, the balkans, and started migrating into southeast europe in the early 1300’s where they were met with hostility, xenophobia, and enslavement that continued for five centuries up until abolition in 1864.

Romani groups were carriers of trade as they moved through Europe seeking safety- part of the trade and offerings was divination including tarot and Cartomancy- using playing cards to interpret the meaning for the receiver of the reading. Divination was a form of survival. Roma often took on the culture of the host, while still maintaining language, music, and customs. 

This is where we see forms of divination come up in Italy in the 1400’s, as Romani were settling as well as experiencing enslavement and persecution. Because of survival and assimilation, the tarot and cartomancy began making their way into mainstream culture, and being used by wealthy families.



What is a spell? 


A spell is simply an intention created with energy focused, raised, and released towards a desired outcome. 


What is a curse? 


Curses are essentially energetic bindings. Curses can be societal (ie: White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Capitalism, organized religion, etc), ancestral, and personal. Societal curses can be intertwined with ancestral curses, which can activate in the personal. We can also have curses that are dormant until something is activated, or you come to a level of ancestral healing where it begins to arise to be healed. Personal curses can be created intentionally or unintentionally, often the unintentional are more powerful. Curses, especially societal curses hold thought-forms, behavioral patterns, and roles within the sentience of the curse. Common symptoms of a curse is feeling like you are trying everything and nothing is working, continual mishaps and misfortune, feeling like you are in a fog or a loop. 



What is a possession? 


A possession is a non-self sentient energy. While possessing energy can at times be ‘negative’ or demonic depending on your Cosmology, oftentimes the possessing energy is a displaced spirit who is stuck OR there is a mutual relationship with the human client, for example both energies are in a dynamic or getting needs met through the relationship. Spirits can become stuck in an emotion when they are on the other side, especially if their death was traumatic in any way. Possessing energies are not necessarily always once embodied spirits, but can be nature spirits, fae, ancestral shadow, non-earthly entities, etc. They need to be offered compassion to move through, along with helping spirits and guidance to a space where they can get their needs met in the best most sovereign way possible while the human client is needing to claim their sovereignty and connect to their own essence. 

What are ways I can connect with my ancestors? 

A great place to start is creating an ancestor altar, I suggest creating this in or near the kitchen. I do not suggest the bedroom if possible because they might keep you up at night! Spirits do not function on linear time like we do. 

This can be as simple as a cloth or tray, a candle, and a glass of water along with any objects or photos that represent ancestor to you. Traditionally, ancestor altars are intended to connect with, heal, and venerate those who have passed on. I suggest calling the sovereign, well, bright, and helpful ancestors to work with you at your altar. I suggest giving offerings that they would have liked, if that is information you know- coffee, tea, liquor, wine, flowers, foods, sweets, cigarettes, cigars, etc. If you are unsure, you can ask and see what you receive! Offerings can also be: song, dance, prayers, or smoke from any ancestral herbs. Light a candle for them, come with a willingness to be in relationship, ask questions, listen. 

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