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Rituals of Self-Devotion

Happy Venus Day! In honor of Friday and the approaching Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be supportive to emphasize self-devotion practices. Self-love is talked about so much in magical realms but only you can define what it means for you. I see self-love as commitment to our magic and our altars, and ultimately commitment to healing community and collective! Everything we offer to ourselves ripples out to support the webs around us.

We can see ourselves through the eyes of the Divine, seeing our direct reflection of the magic that we hold within us. This is why I love mirror magic.

Working with Mirror Magic is a beautiful way to harness self-reflection and invoke self-love! I love working with vintage and second hand mirrors for self-love spells and as well as protection magic.

First, clear your mirror of any energy that is not in resonance with sovereignty. You can do so by using smoke, water, fire, or the Sun to clear as you recite this invocation:

I clear this mirror of all energy that is not in resonance with sovereignty and truth. I ask that any energies that this mirror is holding that is not for me, be sent back to where it came from and if not possible I ask it to be taken to where it can be for healing. I close all portals to any dimensions or realms, and close all back-doors and loop-holes. I bring this mirror to a field of neutrality and consecrate it for magical use.

Next, set your intentions around what you would like to invoke the mirror with! This can be self-love, self-honor, and self-devotion. Maybe it’s amplifying your strengths, or seeing through the illusions of capitalism, or attracting abundance in your life. With your intentions light a white candle asking the flame to bathe your mirror in your intentions.

Next, place rose quartz and rose petals on the mirror to seal in your spell. Leave overnight on your altar. Take the rose petals to the earth the next morning as an offering. You can use this mirror to charge your jewelry or accessories upon, or use for affirmation work. AND SO IT IS!

THE DIGITAL PIECE ABOVE IS A SPELL FOR SELF-LOVE AND A SALVE FOR RELATIONAL DYNAMICS! This is a spell inspired by the Promise card from The Living Altar, the Ace of Cups from the tarot, and radical self-trust and commitment to healing in our webs of friendships, relationships and communities. This is an invocation of sweetness where it is needed, for opening where there is constriction, and joy through intimacy in all its expressions. Allow this to be a seed of softness where it is needed most.

Promise from The Living Altar reminds us that the past is the past, what we have is the present time and we can approach it with curiosity and trust. There is a sense of hope as the path opens to clarity. The Ace of Cups reminds us that we must drink our source from our own well of self commitment. We have a Source within us that is a direct text line to the Divine. Return to yourself and your truest nature.

Wishing you sweetness and love in all forms for your Friday and Valentine’s Day!



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