I believe that each and every one of us holds the capability of healing ourselves. I am here to assist you in this process; I am here to hold space for you while your inner healer is activated. I am here to activate your soul so that you can move from a place of surviving to thriving, discover a sense of joy in your purpose here, and clearing anything that is blocking you from your own Divinity! 


My work is centered within sovereignty, truth, compassion, heart-connection and collaboration with the divine, as well as transformation for metaphorical death and rebirth. I am here to be of service to Spirit and the Goddess and is ever-evolving. I believe that healing starts within us as individuals, and in turn, heals for the collective. I believe that the Revolution starts within us as individuals, within our community and finding strength and resiliency within this. My Cosmology consists of a belief that larger systems of oppression are dense spells, and my work is to assist in the liberation of unraveling these for others. I believe in radical sovereignty, compassion, and grace and feel committed to bringing this to each and every one of my sessions.


I come from an art and dance background and have found the therapeutic benefits that creativity holds. There is magic and power in these mediums.


I am here to offer you space and a compassionate container for whatever brought you here to explore, transform and heal! Please let me know how I can be of service to you!

Photo by Kook Teflon


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