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Armor of Roses 

 Armor of Roses: Psychic Protection Foundations

A six month series on autonomy, boundaries, self clearing and psychic protection

Co facilitated by The Opulent Witch and Wild Heart Healing 

Fall cohort begins 9/11 and ends on 2/23/2023, bi monthly meetings

12:30pm-2:30pm PST, Live Via Zoom


Armor of Roses is a six-month series that explores the vast magic available in all things related to psychic protection, through the framework of  integrity, ethics, autonomy, and accountability! Each month we will explore a different component of psychic protection using a blend of lecture, ritual, visualization, divination, and hands-on practice.  This class is for all levels of experiential context and working relationship with these concepts.  




  • For those who want to deepen their relationship with themselves through foundational practices of autonomy, self agency and accountability

  • Those with a magical practice seeking more foundational support on all subjects of psychic protection

  • Those who are less familiar with these topics but seeking more ways to integrate ritual and boundary work in their daily life

  • Those who get overwhelmed, depleted or are at-capacity easily

  • Those who find themselves in community with energy vampires

  • Those who have trouble discerning what energies or emotions are theirs vs what belongs to others 

  • Those who currently have a ritual or divination practice and are looking for ways to avoid psychic burn out 



Lil of Wild Heart Healing (they or she) is a white queer Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewitch of Arbëreshë, Polish, and Russian descent. I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2016, and have been a practicing witch for over 20 years. Six years ago I started building a foundational, devotional practice around my craft, and it’s bloomed ever since.

The Opulent Witch (they/them) is a witch, artist, tarot reader, freaky star being and psychic medium. They are a queer and non-binary human being and practicing witch. They started building their professional healing practice in 2014, but have always been a witch and expressed the fierce magic of my Ancestors. Their ancestry is Romani, Irish, and British Isles.



This class offering is available at three different price points. Please read over the following and chose which price point most closely mirrors your own relationship to economic access.


Early bird pricing (Valid until 8/1)

Low Tier $750

Middle Tier $950

High Tier $1,150


After 8/1

Low $855

Middle $1,055

High $1,255

Top tier: The highest level of $1,150 (after 8/1, $1,255) indicates the true cost of the service and labor of each class. If you are able to pay for all needs and are in a comfortable financial position, this tier is for you. Some indicators of this: you own your car or property,  you have a salaried job or a consistent and steady income, you do not need to work at all or only work part time, you are able to travel once a year or more, you have savings, you are able to ask for or borrow money from family or friends at any time, you have consistent access to healthcare, you are able to afford taking time off when needed and have moderate expendable income  (examples: an ability to go out for food and drinks, shopping, self care such as massage, haircuts, energy work, receiving Tarot readings) 


Mid tier: The mid tier level is $950 (after 8/1, $1,055) and is available for those who have some expendable income after paying monthly bills, and are not actively concerned about struggling to ensure basic needs are met on a monthly basis but do not have the same level of expendable income or privilege of borrowing money from friends or family. 


Low tier: The low tier of $750 (after 8/1, $855) is available to those who struggle to cover the cost of basic needs and do not have any expendable income after monthly bills like rent or healthcare costs. There are two spots available at pro bono for low income BIPOC. Please email us directly for more information.



Sep 11th and Sep 29th:

Our psychic senses and gifts are like muscles (that everyone has!) that can be developed and honed through training. We will cover the psychic centers, how to call forward your psychic gifts, the difference between channeling, intuiting, and mediumship. We will also cover the difference between anxiety and intuition and practice flexing our intuitive muscles by way of group and personal exercises and ritual with ample practices to continue to explore at home. 


Oct 9th and Oct 23rd: Self Clearing

New moon integration ritual and class discussion 6-7pm PST on Tues 10/23

Energetic maintenance and hygiene are vital to every day protection and tending. Just like brushing our teeth and showering, we can clear our energetic field daily. In this class we will cover what self clearing is, and how to activate it by way of various forms- visualizations, prayer, invocation, physical ritual, divination, and the use of tactile tools.


Nov 13th, Nov 27th: Protection and Boundaries 

New moon integration ritual and class discussion 6-7pm PST on Weds 11/23

Boundaries are vital to fortified, sovereign and autonomous relationships with self and others! We will dive deep into the magic that is available in boundary setting, including creating containers, accountability spells, and ritual work for both setting and honoring boundaries as a reflective tool for self growth and healing. 


Dec 4th, Dec 18th: Cord tending, Cord Cuttings

Yule celebration and class discussion 6-7pm PST on Tues 12/20

We will explore cord cuttings and cord tending as a tool for self-clearing and autonomy, well as an exploration of the dynamics that are inherently created in the cords we have with those around us.  


Jan 8th, Jan 22nd: Banishment and Keep Away Magic

Full moon integration and class discussion 6-7pm PST on Fri 1/6

Battle magic 101 - what is banishing, and what is binding? How can we implement these tools to access collective healing and curse unravelling from systems of oppression? We will explore pre and post battle magic ritual care, integrity checks, what happens when the aftermath of the spell is more messy than before, and the ethics of keep-away magic.


Feb 12th, Feb 26th: Integration, Initiation 

Let’s cross a threshold! Initiation consists of lots of hands-on practice as we integrate and practice all of the techniques explored and practiced during the six month container.

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