Welcoming Clarity through Mercury Retrograde + the building Full Moon. Plus February Offerings!

UNBIND YOURSELF/Welcoming Clarity as the Full Moon builds Collective Reading

Yesterday began the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde, with it going retrograde February 17-March 10 in Aquarius, then into Pisces and back to Aquarius. This is an astrological event that happens three to four times a year, and carries an energy of collective fear around it. Mercury governs our communication, our thoughts, our mind, solving problems, technology, and Mercury’s action is to take things apart and put them back together.

So you can imagine that when breakdown happens during this transit, this can feel extremely frustrating and sometimes even more than an inconvenience.

For the past year, I have been working on releasing ideas around Mercury Rx being a scary time, and inviting opportunity for change and growth. Mercury in Retrograde invokes time magic, because it slows down and at times dissolves linear time. There is so much opportunity for expansion at this time, especially in Aquarius as well as Pisces. Aquarius is a sign of liberation and forward moving change, and Pisces is a dreamer and psychic power-house. We are approaching the Full Moon in Leo on Sunday February 9th and this will be a chance to regain heart and mind clarity! I drew cards to support collective energy at this time:

The Eight of Knives from the Slow Holler deck came out first which might feel like your January. This card indicates feeling trapped, or in a double-bind situation. This is a card of experiencing stuck-ness. This card says “reclaim agency. give yourself permission to move-even if you only begin with wiggles. begin to unravel those harmful thoughts you have about yourself. don’t be afraid of your own power.” This card indicates that which holds you captive, can see as magic to release you. The eight of knives can be indicative of being trapped in your mind- not seeing a way out or forward and looping through fears, self-sabotaging, and spirals. Allowing peace and surrender to enter your mind, even if for a moment, the thought-forms begin to unwind. Leaning into a galactic perspective of Aquarius will invite in expansion. When this work is done, when we tend to ourselves as our own healer, we can retrieve the relic of our transformation through the Ace of Swords.

The Ace of Swords brings a flash of clarity and newness. The clarity can come into the heart and the mind when we claim our power and take agency over our healing. Do anything, just do something, to shift the energy. Go a different route to work, dance, dunk your face into ice water, go to bed if you are in a spiral, leave the city for a few hours, anything.

I am getting a really clear download that during this Mercury retrograde it is wise to obtain from recreational mind-altering substances. Be mindful of escapism during this time, whether it be substances or social media. Clear your devices- imagine your phone and your computer in a cube of gold energy, ask that any energy that is not in resonance with sovereignty be lifted and taken to where it can me to be transmuted. Anoint your heart and your head with water or oil that has rosemary oil or fresh/dried rosemary.

I pulled a card from @thelivingaltar for integration and ritual suggestions this week. The Water spell card came through with messages of initiation.

We are in a refinement space, this is the energy that the full moon and mercury retrograde are bringing. Fine-tuning and refining our work, energy, and intentions.

The Water spell asks for you to surrender to your initiation into this, to show up to your magic and your power.

Go to your nearest body of water, bring an offering of flowers, fruit, or honey.

Give your offering to the water and ask for the water to assist you in your growth and transformation through this week. Begin to imagine both your heart and mind opening like flowers (this can be visualized as any type of flower as any color, whatever resonants with you), and ask the water to take anything clouding your heart and your mind. Imagine releasing everythiiiiiinnnnng that is blocking you from being with yourself.

Ask the water to transmute it all for you. You might see this as a color or a visual, whatever you see allow it to unfold without over-thinking. When it feels complete, ask consent first to collect a small amount of the water in a jar or container. If you receive a ‘yes’, bring it home and mix it with rosemary and/or peppermint (fresh or oil). Use this water to anoint yourself, charge it under the full moon on Sunday, use it in any spells or rituals for yourself, or add it to a ritual bath.

February events + offerings:

Celebrate the Leo full moon with me at The Witches Temple (The Cunning Crow Apothecary) on Saturday February 8th!

I will be doing readings at the Sexton in Ballard from 9-midnight on Valentine's Day. Come get your cards read, buy an oil from Awesome Witch of Rad, and have a cocktail or special dessert!

Witch 4 Witch is back! Wild Heart Healing and myself will be facilitating this month's magic-centered relationship exploration at The Witches Temple (The Cunning Crow Apothecary). This month will be a strong focus on self-love, self-intimacy, and manifestation work through magic. The class includes an *optional* mocktail magic FKA Twigs mixer at the end!

This month I have created a special offering centered in self-honor and coming home to your own heart. In this 60 min session I will take you through a guided visualization with energy work to connect to your heart. Through sound and song, we will release any bindings, curses, loops, and thought forms blocking true access to divine self love. You will also receive a blessed ritual candle, a flower spell for your altar, and a print. 

$100. Book through my website or email me!

I am sending everyone blessings for the week! Thank you and I look forward to connecting with you soon.



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