Happy new moon in Virgo! How has everyone’s Virgo season been?

Virgo is an Earth sign that I truly feel brings us to a place of self-honor, autonomy, and sovereignty. Virgo asks us to take inventory, to organize our thoughts , structures, and containers, and integrate the practical steps forward. There is also an aspect of control with Virgo season, do you feel me?? While we love a controlled Virgo, we also love to see a Virgo let loose.

I drew from the Slow Holler deck and Fortuna came out. As we move deeper into the harvest season, the closing of cycles illuminates themselves at greater clarity. The Wheel of Fortune is a card of change, always fortuitous, but not always gentle. The convergence of timelines can often feel chaotic, messy even. Within the wheel there is opportunity to collapse timelines which have paid their dues, where you have integrated the lessons and the magic, called home your energy and cut the final cord. Mars is currently retrograde, which allows us access to time magic as in all retrogrades it slows down time and calls up memory and wounding from the past. What themes from the past are arising for you? How can you view them with a new lens?

I am really seeing for some of you that there will be a powerful shift over the course of this new moon today and moving into the weekend- a turn of events and a deep release of controlling the process which will in turn allow the waves of energy to move you into a space of destiny. A sort of ‘I have no idea where I’m going, but I’m going’ energy, coupled with great reverence for the grander plan. This is your expansion.

The New Moon from the Living Altar wanted to come out and assist in connecting to the power of the new moon and wanted to offer ritual suggestions! The New Moon is a time of clarity, focus, and bringing in your intentions. This is a time of renewal and regeneration. Just having fully released from the dark moon, we surrender to rebirth and begin again.

This is a great time to work on energetic boundaries, fortifying your containers, resetting your altars, amping up protections, and setting intentions around abundance and dreams.

Full Reading + Ritual Suggestion on my Patreon:


I have been super enjoying Sunday’s meditations and sound experiences and wanted to continue with the theme of Surrender for the shift into the Autumn Equinox.

This Sunday I will be offering a digital recording of a guided visualization + sound and energetic healing! 9/27’s class will be LIVE with a recording available afterwards.

This class is pay what you can/want donation based. You can register by sending $ via

Venmo: @opulent_witch and including your email in the notes and specifying which date you would like, or both. I will send out the Zoom link the afternoon of!


The Living Altar has been working away creating our installation for Museum of Museum's Goodwitch/Badwitch exhibit curated by The Hood Witch & Greg Lundgrend which opens October 1st.

The installation we are showing is called “Fárma- Katárka” (The Weaver of Spells) and is a summoning of the witches & wisdom keepers of the Romani diaspora in an effort liberate the ancestors from the curse of assimilation. This installation consists of 300 braids woven with the magic and prayers of our ancestors. It is an altar for community that serves as a portal of ancestral healing and petition for prayers of collective liberation.

We are creating a community ritual for this exhibit, and we would love your participation! If you have a prayer request for yourself or for community please submit via our Instagram.

We will be taking your prayers, braiding them into ribbons, and burning them and mixing the ash into salt that will be offered as an embodiment of ancestral tears; weaving them into the instillation.

Thank you for your participation! We want to uplift your prayers and altars.


I am super excited to announce I will be teaching in the ~virtual realm~ one of my favorite subjects on October 28th with Krista and Lindsey of Almost 30:

Learn Tarot and Psychic Channeling!

Tarot has and continues to teach me so much about self-healing and guidance and the depths of exploring the archetypes, symbols and signs is truly endless. The ways we can explore tarot are so multi-faceted! In this workshop I will be sharing how I connect to tarot as a healing and divination tool, a tool of self-exploration, and connection to ritual. Through guided visualization, intention setting and ritual, we will explore the symbols and messages in the tarot to reach a deeper relationship with your True and Powerful Self and receive guidance for your daily life. We will explore a series of spreads to deepen your magic and practice your skills!

Bring your own tarot deck or oracle deck!

This class with be LIVE via Zoom.

Register here: REGISTER

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