Virgo Full Moon Collective Reading

We are moving towards a Full Moon in the earthy sign of Virgo this Saturday the 27th! Virgo energy is grounded, stable, practical, organized, and loves boundaries, integrity and structure. Ruled by Mercury, Virgo thrives off communication, independence, and autonomy. The shadow of Virgo can be control and fixation on perfectionism. Depending on where Virgo is in your chart you may be invited to release control during this full moon and deepen your relationship with surrender.

The archetype of Virgo is the Goddess of Wheat, the Maiden or the Virgin. The ancient meaning of ‘virgin’ meant ‘belonging to oneself’, and it wasn’t until around 1300 that it starts to become distorted to mean sexual purity and chastity through he lens of Patriarchal structures. I really love to connect with the root of this archetype and how we can re-myth the archetype of Virgin to create a ceremony of self honor, self responsibility and commitment to ourself and ultimately our magic.

I drew cards for what we can expect this week and for the Full Moon in Virgo, here is what came through:

Theme: THE MOON - The Moon brings our awareness to our emotional realm, to our intuitive and psychic powers, and our intimacy with our inner landscape. You may have just gone through a time of confusion or chaos, know that there is clarity coming through this moon for you to ground you. The Moon wants us to connect with our animal body, to trust our gut, and recognize our being as elemental. The illumination the moon brings this full moon will shine a light on the spaces you may have been holding back, getting in your own way, or not showing up to yourself. Virgo wants self-accountability and commitment to your path.

What is healing through this moon: 7 OF CUPS- The 7 of Cups are the projections and glamours that create a smoke and mirror effect that prevent you from seeing yourself clearly. Where do those projections come from? Are those narratives even yours?

The 7 of Cups also wants to re-negotiate relationship to imagination and fantasy! This is a time to DREAM, free of the projections and mirage of oppressive projections. Come home to the fantasies, ideas, and dreams that may have been shelved. All planets are direct for the next few months, so allow yourself to ride the wave of movement forward.

What to focus on moving forward: CATALYST from The Living Altar

THANK YOU FIRE! Who else has been craving the element of fire, as we have been earth, air, and water focused. This is a time to focus on honing your inner fire, your passion, and drive. The Creation energy is on full blast, make relationship with fire at this time as it is igniting your core. Light the match and let your creations take the wheel. Lean into transformation where you can, let everything that is not you clear through fire.

Suggestions for connecting with the energy of Virgo and the Full Moon:

〰️make ritual and ceremony of commitment to yourself, your altar and your magic

〰️make a list of vows to yourself!

〰️organize your physical space, clean your home, your car, your altars, and any working or creative space

〰️nourish your body, make a meal that feels grounding and fulfilling

〰️spend time in the forest if this is accessible to you

〰️let yourself daydream, sleep, and rest (we are in Pisces season!)

I am sending everyone blessings this week as well as for the Full Moon!



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