The Pisces Full Moon: surrendering to dream magic

This Tuesday and Wednesday (depending on where you are) we have a Full Moon in the watery and deep Pisces- this is also called the Full Harvest Moon. We are truly moving into the harvest season, the Sun is in Virgo so we are being asked to organize our thoughts, energy, and goals. Pisces is a sign of psychic awareness, dreaming, and the subconscious- the combination of this combined with the energy of harvest feels like a juxtaposition of contrasting energy but necessary for our soul’s dreams.

I pulled cards for the collective energies as we move towards the full moon is Pisces:

The Queen of Cups from the Rider-Waite came out first! The Queen of Cups governs the emotions and calls for a deep compassion and nurturance. I always see this card as a healing card with the elemental spirit of water- we are moving towards Autumn and water season, as we also move into the harvest. This is a time of coming home to yourself, your magic, and your power. Can you sense the relief in being connected deeply to Self? Water can lead initiatory processes especially while we move into the harvest- I sense an energy of cutting through the bullshit at this time, but make it compassionate. Harvest season brings a sense of urgency and directness that is much needed, while the Sun in Virgo brings in the practical of getting our ducks in a row.

I pulled Surrender + Elderhood from the Living Altar: Surrender is in resonance with the Tower card in the tarot and brings to the forefront the urgency of the dismantling and unraveling that is in front of us. The Pisces full moon brings in a portal to our subconscious and there we can discern where our untruths lie deeply embedded. Surrender is a card of perpetual change- can you track how you respond to change? Can you trust yourself to show up for what you need? Can you implement self soothing when you need it? Can you ask for help?

Elderhood wants you to call on your inherent wisdom, the ancient aspects of your soul that know the way and the map. The harvest season brings the reaping and the lessons of the soul - take inventory of your lessons and the integration of those lessons.

Bring the compassion of the Queen of Cups to those lessons so you can see the zoom out button on your soul’s path.

If it feels hard right now, let yourself name that and be in that- the energy is very intense and we are collectively sorting and dismantling centuries of collective trauma- essentially we are unwinding time.

I suggest ritual of dream work and any depth work that allows the thinking mind to take a back seat- the mind needs to be quieted so that the soul can step forward and process and digest. The time of harvest involves lessons, but it also involves blessings- and some of those unexpected so let yourself receive those gifts as well.


This Sunday evening from 8-9:30pmPST I will be leading a guided visualization + energy work for the Pisces Full Moon through sound healing via Zoom! Come release, dream, and let the mind rest.

This class is pay what you can/want donation based. You can register by sending $ via Venmo: @opulent_witch and including your email in the notes. I will send out the Zoom link the afternoon of!


The Living Altar is now LIVE and available for purchase! The Living Altar Oracle Deck is a guide to The Witches Wheel and is intended to serve as both a tutelary and divinitory aide for the curious observer of Witching Ways, the novice Witch, seasoned practitioners, and the weathered Witches among us. With this deck we have built an altar of the seasons, the phases of the moon, the stations of the sun, the journey of life, and have made a holy embodiment of our most sacred relationship with the elements. Each card has been blessed with the elements and infused with spells to empower your inherent magic.

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Lastly, my books are open for September! If you are needing extra support, want guidance in your harvest season this year, or needing personal ceremony book a session or a reading.

I offer all session work via Zoom or Skype moving forward. A few new offerings have been added: a 30 min Clearing + elemental balancing session for in between deeper work, or if just need a mini-clearing for clarity and rebalancing.

I have also added an option to book me for your a group or team clearing- this can be for a group of friends, business, or collective! Once booked, I will email the Zoom link to send out to your group or team.

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