Happy new moon in Scorpio! Scorpio holds the deep and watery energies of transformation, death and rebirth abounds.

I drew a few cards for Collective guidance and this is what came through:

Surrender from the Living Altar came out first, embodying the energy of the Tower. This transit calls us to let go, let goddexx as the energy of dismantling and destruction clear the way. We must remember that the unraveling is our ally- it wants to pull from you your control issues.

Where are you still grasping? Where are you still manipulating? The sign of scorpio is calling this to the surface.

I am hearing all issues of trust are on the table- trust in Self, trust in others and ultimately trust in Life and the process. Can you trust the process of death? What is your relationship to change and things that are outside of your control? Bring this to your altar and to Spirit. Ask for help, can you let your ancestors take the drivers seat?

The Fool from Moon BB Magick Tarot came out next! Praise be! This is a new beginning and a start of a new adventure. You have to opportunity to take a leap of faith and to move forward with reckless abandon! The Fool signifies the dropping of all heaviness on the heart and an opening to joy. You deserve this! Will you give yourself the gift of looking through rose colored glasses? Everything looks a little different, huh? Feel the vast expanse of the ocean calling you to expand and rewild.

For a last message I pulled the Judgement card. An awakening is underway, you will never be the same. There is no turning back as what you thought was long gone, a lost hope is blossoming. Once again we are called to surrender to the great Mystery and release control. See yourself as apart of the great web of community and collective and make a choice to show up to the greater healing. Where can you give back? Take inventory of your resources at this time- this could be time, money, energy, skills, or trade. Whatever you have excess of allow choice to be had to funnel it to those who are most vulnerable.

I am sending everyone blessings of transformation and renewal for the New Moon!


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