New Moon in Pisces + upcoming events

Happy New Moon in Pisces!

This morning the moon turned new in the dreamy, deep waters of Pisces. Pisces waters can be emotional and ethereal all at the same time, sometimes it feels to me like a bathtub floating in outer space.

I pulled a few cards to get an understanding of the Collective energies today, and anything that can be supportive and helpful at this time, especially while Mercury is Retrograde in Pisces.

The Devil was the first to appear. The Devil says “recognize that you are bound, and how you can get free. Don’t expect different results from the same actions. Find new sources of pleasure. Be fully embodied. Take the step that scares you. Reclaim your agency.” I see the Devil card as reclamation. reclamation of our power, our resource, and autonomy. The Devil invites us to be in our body, especially in a time where escapism is abundant, and it is enticing to float away. I personally feel like fantasy, imagination, and taking a mental vacation are not inherently bad, we live in a world where we are inundated with information overload, experience varying intersections of oppression, and experiencing a fantastical escapade can be supportive and needed for survival. Dissociation is There comes a time where we are invited to be embodied deeper and deeper, this cannot happen all at once and it must happen in steps. The Devil invites to be in our bodies to experience earthly pleasures- erotic and divine sensuality, liberation + healing through sex magic (with yourself or with partner/s), exploring tactile and must-textured sensory experiences, and moving through the emotions to a space of ecstasy. This new wants us to embody the divine through our physical vessel, merging the two bring the celestial dreaming and imagination into a physical manifestation. I have been getting the message this mercury retrograde to be mindful and intentional about mind-altering substances, it’s important to protect your energy and your psychic space when you do engage. No judgment about leaving your body, but stay tethered and protected. It’s like leaving your house with the door wide open.

You desires are a portal to your liberation. Sweet release is available and wants to assist in your rebirth.

The Adolescence card from The Living Altar brings an energy of Catalyst. A new path wants to be paved and by you! This is the phase of life of adolescence which may bring memories of the past. This is also a reclamation and healing of this phase of life, and an opportunity to forge a path into the future together. This requires calling upon your courage, your strength, and a sense of boldness that can be drawn from the energy of your desires. This is also a time of re-imgining and re-shaping your identity. This might be a time where there is a lot of healing available with our inner teenagers, and let yourself go through the process.

Listen to music that your teenage self loved, have your inner teenager dress you for a day, re-parent yourself knowing that you will not judge yourself or your inner teenager.

This is a powerful time to release and unlearn messages and programming around slut-shaming and promiscuity. As seen in the Devil card, this is a time for healing through divine sensuality and liberation through desire…and in doing so releasing shame and guilt around sexuality and eroticism.

Invocations from Witch4Witch that may support you in your reclamation this new moon:

My own heart beat connects me to the deep earth,

I pour honey over my magic and it attracts those who reflect back to me my divinity,

My erotic power illuminates my shadows and I plant flowers in the compost of my past,

I anoint my own cup with my own power

Ritual suggestions:

Ritual healing baths can be simple, replenishing and also powerful.

This new moon is a good time to retreat and take a night of self-care and restoration. Make yourself a ritual bath tonight, tomorrow night or sometime this week preferably before you go to bed.

What you will need:

a bath tub or basin or bowl for a foot bath if you do not have a bath tub

-rose petals, rose oil OR rose water

-coconut milk or another non-dairy milk of you choice

-chamomile (fresh or dried)

-cinnamon (sticks or powdered)

Fill bath tub, or foot bath along with organic ritual items and as it fills imagine that the bath or foot bath is creating a cacoon for you. Imagine gold or pink light wrapping around the tub or space in which you are creating a sanctuary for you.

Make an intention that this ritual bath is one of replenishment, restoration, rejuvenation and connection to your embodiment and sensuality.

Disinvite any energies that would not serve this ritual at this time. Cast out any thoughts, fears, beliefs, or energies that would hinder your time here.

Soak in bath or soak your feet for at least 25-30 min, while you do so command that your energy and power return to you from wherever it might be.

Ask that any energy that is not in resonance with your Truth and your Power be taken to where it can be for the purpose of healing and transmutation.

Feel yourself protected and caccooned in this energy.

You can also say your new moon intentions, imagine them like seeds being planted in a sacred garden to be tended to and grown until the next full moon.

After your bath, use any oils, lotions or sprays that bring you pleasure. Wrap yourself in velvet if you have it, or a material that feels texturally good for you.

As you go to bed hold the intention that the energy from the bath come with you into dream time.

Sending everyone blessings tonight and through this new moon!




If you are needing support or clarity at this time, I have a few spots open this month still!


Join me for the Virgo full moon at the Witches Temple for a community ritual!

The Witches Temple

9020 Greenwood Ave N

Sliding Scale $10-30, proceeds go to Real Rent Duwamish and the Witches Temple.

I will be doing a guided visualization + blessing ritual, plus creating a live altar at this amazing show with an amazing line-up of performers, healers, musicians, and artists.


Join me for PSYCHIC SUNDAYS: Tarot readings and crystal toys tea party @ Babeland Seattle

Sunday, March 8th, 2-5pm

For more info check out the event:



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