New Moon in Leo radiates + disrupts

On Tuesday August 18th, we have a new moon in the fiery sign of Leo bringing solar magic! I pulled a few cards for the Collective energies and to see how to prepare for Tuesday’s new moon.

The Six of Wands came out first which makes sense, with all this transformative fire. The Six of Wands predicts an uprise, a transformation, and the confidence to move forward. A threshold has been crossed, and there is no turning back. The old form has been almost forgotten, like a butterfly emerging from a cacoon- there is a spreading of wings that wants to take place. The victory is all yours but it does come with a price of surrendering the ego. Leo is a beautifully courageous and creative sign, but the shadow holds drama and ego. Are there situations where your ego is driving? What illusions and glamours are you lost in that are now creating hindrance? The ego is not negative, it is what allows us to individualize, but we can get stuck in a loop with a deep stubbornness to be right.

Death from The Living Altar brings awareness to this. Death can be our ally and it allows there to be an actualization of the transformation that is available during this new moon. Death allows there to be a release and a dismantling of the stories, narratives and beliefs that are engrained and playing on loop. Disrupt them. Moving towards this new moon there is an energy that feels cut and dry- death cuts through the bullshit and to the heart of the matter. And isn’t that what Leo is all about? A heart centered truth that wants nothing less than full sovereignty and integrity.

Death says ‘Remain true to the spirit of hope that called to you from the deep: honor the catalyst of your journey. Dissolve, let go, return it all to Source.’


Tomorrow evening I will be leading a guided visualization + energy healing through sound via Zoom from 8-9:30 pmPST.

Register by Venmo: @opulent_witch, donation pay what you want/can and include email in notes, Zoom link will be sent out day of.

We will be exploring and releasing blocks in heart and connecting to our radiance and magic.


On Monday 8/17, I am teaching Art of Tarot Workshop on 8/17 from 7-9pmPST through The Works! Here is the link to register:


Book a private one-on-one reading or energy work session with me! I offer all session work via Zoom or Skype moving forward. A few new offerings have been added: a 30 min Clearing + elemental balancing session for in between deeper work, or if just need a mini-clearing for clarity and rebalancing.

I have also added an option to book me for your a group or team clearing- this can be for a group of friends, business, or collective! Once booked, I will email the Zoom link to send out to your group or team.

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