New Moon in Aries: Let yourself renew and recalibrate

We are approaching a New Moon this Sunday Aprill 11th in the firey and bold sign of Aries! We are currently navigating the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Chiron all in Aries, which is a whole lotta FIRE! So if you have been feeling a lot of ~energy~ flying around, feeling a sense of tension, and a push-pull its this. Venus moves into the grounded sign of Taurus this month, where it finds itself at home.

Here are a few cards that came forward as the theme for the New Moon in Aries this Sunday:

Intention from The Living Altar came forward first to bring messages of needing to rest, re-catalyze, and cocoon. We are in the dark moon from now until the moon renews itself on Sunday and this is an excellent time to rest and release. The Dark Moon is the best time to work rituals of cord dissolving, banishment, clearing, and laying to rest so that you can feel a sense of relief. Pull your energy back and use discernment as to where your energy is focused. Where you focus your energy, it flows. Pull the tendrils back within you, call your energy back to you through all time and space.

The Queen of Swords wants to cut through the bullshit and the fog. You might be experiencing power dynamics in the midst of the Aries party, there might be tension. The Queen of Swords wants you to stand firm in your sense of integrity and truth. Your integrity IS your sword. The Queen of Swords teaches us about clear and direct communication. This is a time for energetic boundaries, psychic protection, and discernment. Be mindful and intentional of your word, make decisions with confidence and grace this New Moon.

Here is an invocation to work with over the next few days to clear between you and another person, job, system, or energy: `

I cut all cords, break all contracts, ties, alliances, commitments, allegiances, spells, bindings, curses, oaths, agreements, all spoken or unspoken, all conscious or unconscious, between myself and _______ , through all time space reality, all iterations and permutations, through all timelines, universes, parallel universes, mirror universes and beyond. I close any backdoors or loop holes. And so it is.

I am sending blessings for this New Moon in Aries! Wishing you rest, recalibration, and expansion!




There are still spots open for Ethereal Element: a ritual in self-clearing, psychic protection and salt ritual with Lil of Wildheart Healing and myself! We will be exploring self-clearing techniques through foundational practices in traditional magic, energy work, and visualization. Psychic protection and boundary work rooted in sovereignty and discernment, as well as ritual work with SALT!

Please join us for this 90 min class via Zoom!

Sunday 4/11 at 7:30pmPST, replay will be sent out directly afterwards!

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SIGN UP: Ethereal Element

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