New Moon in Aries + Collective Energies

Hi everyone! Happy new moon, I am late on this, but also what is time right now? The moon renewed itself in Aries yesterday which also marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and just celebrated the Spring Equinox. I pulled cards for guiding messages and support at this time, which truly feels like the Tower times. The Ten of Swords came out first.This is betrayal, and the grief that comes from the betrayal. We having been living in a system that not only betrays us, but thrives off us betraying ourselves and our truth. This is a system that values the economy over lives. This is a place of complete burnout, it can no longer go on how it has been. In a way this illumination is essential because it opens to a new road, a new way of being, through the chaos and the collapse of the systems there is a trust that new will be birthed. The Ten of Stones from the Slow Holler deck is the promise of sustainability- this is the community care and mutual aide that is coming out of the collapse. This is creating new ways of connecting and organizing, this is reciprocity and showing up for each other in the ways that we can right now. It says “make a home for your ancestors, communities, an yourself. Welcome abundance. Allow your kindred to nourish and sustain you. Celebrate your lineage of survival” Something I have been thinking about through the process of the pandemic is the level of ancestral trauma that is being processed at this time is so intense, but as we process it, we also connect to their strength and resiliency. As the systems unravel externally we are also unraveling them from our minds, hearts, magic and our ancestors so we will have deeper connection with ourselves and our altars. This card is overflowing with generosity and fulfillment, and it makes me think of all the year the new has been being built, those foundations have been laid, and we HAVE been working on building anew long before this time. TRUST THIS. You have prepared for this, especially witches, we remember that our work has been and will be the dismantling and disrupting of harm. The Childhood card came out last, with a promise of hope even if that hope feels bleak right now. That’s ok, you don’t have to see the silver lining or gaslight yourself with toxic positivity. This is a reminder to sooth yourself through this period of self-isolation, your inner kid might need some reassurance right now. There is a lot of fear, sadness, and grief right now which is 100% valid. Tell them you are here with them, you got them. This is also a phase of life where joy, imagination, adventure, and curiosity abounds. How can you bring imagination into your days? Can you allow yourself to get lost in a project so much that allows the reality on earth to slip away for a moment? It’s okay to take news breaks. Imagination is our conduit for creating a new paradigm, and any moment you can slip into this is creating magic. I am sending everyone a lot of support right now, I love you all.




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