Lion's Gate Portal + Heart Courage of Leo Szn

Hi everyone! Happy Friday. I wanted to pull a few cards for collective energy going into the weekend. Tomorrow we have the Lion’s Gate Portal- this occurs every year when Earth and the star system Sirius align and holds the numerology of 8/8. The number 8 holds an enraged of abundance, power, infinity, and cosmic realms of consciousness. Expect openings into healing, new pathways, a clearing of the old, and creativity.

I drew a few cards to understand what we can expect!

I first drew from my Slow Holler deck- the Visionary of Branches. it says “be thankful for the glowing magic of your cells and your soul. Feel your nervous system system branching out ti’s dendrites in search of the cosmos. Let the rich, fertile ground of your heart receive the lightning of your own genius. Build steadily the fire growing within you. Let it inspire you to inspire others.”

This card holds the beautiful transformative and alchemical properties of the Elemental spirit of Fire. The Sun is still in Leo, so fire is center-stage. There is an aspect of heart-courage that comes forward with Fire, a deep sense of trust and a willingness to open to the possibilities. The fire the Visionary holds is one that expands long-term, instead of burning bright and burning out. How will you create your future? Can you feel into the visions and inspirations not only for yourself, but for community and collective? The Visionary is an important role in liberation. Air is the inspiration, the thoughts and downloads that come into the mind that spark a sense of hope and faith. Fire allows those inspirations to come into right action and come into fruition into the world. How will you call upon your fire for this portal? What do you wish to create?

I pulled the Rebirth Spell from The Living Altar next. Reflect on the last 6 months to a year, what have you been through? What has changed both internally and externally? This is a time of rebirth, the next step, the next chapter is possible. Rebirth comes after a great death. This could be death of an identity, patterns and narratives, a role that no longer can sustain itself, a relationship, or any way of existence that is hindering you from being your fullest expression. The Leo Sun wants your full expression, your full YOU. This portal wants you to SHINE. Do you trust yourself to? Can you invoke strength + courage to be embodied in your essence and your trueness?

Here is a spell to support you:

I am a temple in the threshold between closure and beginnings.

Slowly my eyes open, my fingers unclench the soil of the past.

My toes curl into the rich hummus of history that lay open before me; stirring with possibility.

Today I choose to begin again.

Today I choose to be complete with what has been.

In the company of the unknown I choose to walk thru the doorway of potential.


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