Let your freak flag fly for Friday's New Moon in Aquarius

Kiki Robinson

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This Friday the 24th we have a New Moon in Aquarius! Beep beep! Can you hear your galactic team outside coming to give you a ride to your next realm? Aquarius is a freaky deaky, centered in liberation and revolution, forward thinking, air sign. The symbol for this sign is the Water bearer, so it makes it a lovely mix of Air and Water.Speaking of….I drew the Water card from @thelivingaltar and The Star card from my Rider-Waite deck for the Collective energy this week leading up to the New Moon. I feel like this New Moon is the much needed elevation we have been wanting and so needing post-eclipse season and the some-what intense astrological energy that have been occuring. The Water card is about initiation, the element of water comes to carry us home. We have been experiencing Collective initiation for some time now, we are ready. Initiation is about showing up to yourself- where are you being called to show up for yourself this week? Water is the gift of dreaming, when everything is crumbling around us, we can lean into our imagination and dreaming to weave the new. A what if? What if I tried it this way? What if I tweaked this and tried this new thing over here? Through our collective subconscious we can tap into new and ancient realms through the conduit of creativity. The Star card is the water bearer!! The Star is ruled by Aquarius and is a card of destiny, fate, and divine alignment. This is when your team is fully on board supporting you. You are supported by the Cosmos and your galactic team, you are supported by the Earth, you are supported by the well of your ancestors. Make offering this week to all of them. This is also a reminder to trust them, you don’t have to carry it all. I think of the Star card as the Zoom out button on a camera- zoom out to see the galactic perspective. This is a time to connect to your Cosmic and galactic supports, connect to your Future Self, dissolve time with time magic and liberate yourself from outdated structures by trying something completely new. If you need a suggestion of offerings for Star-beings, they love eggshells, mirrors, fossils, lace, sea shells, and glitter. Preferably left outside under a tree. Trees and mirrors are portals for our cosmic allies- mirrors can be cleared and set with intention that it be both protection and a cosmic gateway for SOVEREIGN + BENEVOLENT star beings and cosmic allies.

Wishing everyone blessings for this divinely galactic and ethereal New Moon!

Kiki AKA Opulent Witch

I will be at the Witches Temple (FKA The Cunning Crow Apothecary) next Wednesday + Thursday with availability for readings and energy work sessions! This is a great time to receive a reading for insight and clarity or energetic clearing! I also do sessions via FaceTime and Skype!

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