Invoking Fire at the Spring Equinox + Ostara


The Spring Equinox is a time when both day and night are equal and we welcome the growing times, the return of the Sun, and the renewal of spring. We celebrate Ostara, the second of three Spring festivals and center into rituals of rebirth, abundance, cleansing, growth, and prosperity. Ostara comes from the ancient Celtic tradition in reverence to the Goddess Eostre, which represents the east (sunrise), new beginnings and Spring. The elements of the sabbat are air (the east where the dawn rises) and fire (a ritual of cleansing and transformation).

This is a powerful portal of emergence! The seeds you plant at Ostara will be harvested in the coming months, so plant intentionally and wisely! Check in on your goals and projects from Yule and Imbolc. Imbolc is when we experience the rebirth, and Ostara is where it is actualized and seen.

What are you releasing?

What are you planting?

Here are a few ritual suggestions for this upcoming weekend:

〰️spring clean your home, reset your altars, open the doors and windows, welcome spring energy into your home!

〰️work in your garden and as you do so imagine your garden as your life and your intentions, till the soil and imagine preparing your metaphorical garden to receive your intentions. I suggest blessing your seeds on your altar during this gateway.

〰️create an Ostara altar with fresh flowers, eggs, honey, seeds, stones of amethyst, calcite, citrine

〰️work with fire ritual to cleanse this past winter and to bring warmth, transformation, and expansion.

〰️Solar Magic! Ostara is a celebration of the return of the Sun and this is a time to work with the magic of the sun. Charge water under the Sun and create an Equinox spray for your home.

〰️bury a raw egg by the entrance of your home to bring in prosperity and abundance.

〰️Bake a spirit honey cake for the spirits! Use fresh roses, lavender, and honey!

I am sending everyone blessings of awakening,


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