Full Moon Integration Reading + Current Updates!

Happy post Leo Full Moon! I hope you are surviving and thriving. I wanted to send a note to share insights during this week’s transits, offer integrative support, and share current happenings!

With the after-math of the Leo Full Moon still in effect, I wanted to share some practical and integrative witchcraft for the weekend. A big theme this week was transformation, finding the strength and courage to face our shadows, and ultimately celebrating our healing and growth through self-honoring practices.

I pulled cards from The Living Altar to bring forward integration guidance. Here is what came through:

Inspiration came out first to being opening to our minds and perspective, this might be a beautiful and nourishing time to spend time cultivating what inspires you. Where do you turn for your inspiration? Inspiration is the Air of Air, it is the spark of thought and idea and the pathway to creation when it is met with Fire. Inspiration has a life of it’s own that cannot be controlled, forced, or contained. It has the ability to transform and awaken and desires Surrender.

Surrender arrives to ask: do you trust yourself? Creation and inspiration requires a level of intimacy, with ourselves, our spirits and others if we are in collaboration. Surrender asks us to release control and to be clear about your intentions. Can you hold yourself at center?

Suggestions for ritual and finding inspiration through surrender:

🗡Work with the Ace of Swords from the tarot to create clarity of the mind, to open up to new perspectives and draw upon inspiration.

🗡Create an Altar to your creative spirit or even a specific project, make offerings of water, flowers, oranges, cinnamon and any biodegradable offering you feel called to!

🗡Cut cords to blocks that might arise- this might be fear, self-sabotage, or an inner critic.

🗡Let Spirit take the wheel, call in time magic, and let yourself flow. In Leo style, you might want to create a self-portrait! Set a container, dress yourself in what feels most ‘you’ or even an altar-ego. Create a set, get creative with what you have in your home, and set the self-timer on your camera! CELEBRATE YOURSELF.

I am sending you blessings of a beautiful integration!


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