Full Harvest Moon in Aries: RECEIVE YOUR ABUNDANCE

HAPPY FULL MOON! How is everyone doing? How is has this Full Moon been for you?

I pulled a few cards for the Collective energy for the Full Moon in Aries today! This is a Harvest moon and we are nearing the end of the wheel. The Sun is currently in Libra, which is the tender to our relationships, connections, and communication. Aries is the baby of the zodiac and often times create catalyst of transformation through shifts in identity, individuation, and how we express. The Full Moon is conjunct Chiron (The Wounded Healer) in Aries which is currently retrograde and is illuminating alllll our Ego stories and childhood wounds.

Be compassionate with yourself this Full Moon, but also lean into the uncomfortable and let yourself catalyze.

The 10 of Vessels from The Slow Holler deck came first- this is the embodiment of water. You are a vessel of healing for not only yourself, but your connections and community. You have a crucial role in collective, in your chosen family, and you are needed and not only needed but loved and cherished. The Sun in Libra brings us into the container of collective, allowing us to see ourselves within the web of our connections. The 10 of Vessels is the ultimate fulfillment, a deep quenching of a thirst, a satiation. And guess what? You deserve that! Capitalism tells us that we have to work really hard to earn belonging and love. But what if you didn’t have to work hard for it? What would you do then? How would that feel? I’m just posing a possibility, that there can be enough.

Abundance from The Living Altar came out next! It wouldn’t be the Harvest season without ABUNDANCE! The Harvest season always feels so complex to me because we are not only in a space of receiving but we are also letting go. There are some things that need to be sacrificed in order to receive the crop this year. What are you letting go of to make room for your harvest? This is always about the time in the wheel that things start to get real clear, the veil is thinning and our spirits are close. And let’s talk about receiving for moment- this card is so much centered in an overflowing cup, and sometimes it can be really uncomfortable to even begin to receive your desires. Like we spoke about in the 10 of Vessels to receive is to be vulnerable, even with ourselves and our spirits. There are times we talk about all these experiences we want to manifest and create, but what happens when it is time to receive that experience? It has be terrifying because it means we have to be open to receiving, which is really fucking vulnerable. It takes self-trust and surrender. Call those in.

Here is a Spell to assist:

Alignment with my passions and refining their expression thru my work is a truer measure of my worth than anything else I have known.

I claim myself in sovereignty.

I am an embodiment of riches. I arrive easily to my offerings of self-love. I am nourished deeply in the effortless harvest of the sweetness of engagement. As I untangle myself from the past within I no longer flourish, I become magnetic and lean into a easy sense of wonder, meaning and purpose. I trust myself to act responsibly and take accountability in the face of blessings and challenges in equal measure.

May I choose to harvest joy.

If you are needing extra support at this time, needing clarity, or clearing I am available for private readings + sessions: Schedule

I am sending everyone blessings for the full moon tonight!



WITCH4WITCH is BACK! Lil Kerson of Wildheart Healing and myself have been collaborating on Witch4Witch for the last year- WITCH4WITCH is an ongoing workshop series facilitated by Kiki Robinson and Lil Kerson that focuses on navigating interpersonal dynamics as a magically inclined person through the lens of autonomy, self honor, agency, queer magic, and honoring our spirits and ancestors. We are excited to release our Water Digital Zine found here:

Witch 4 Witch Water Zine(1)
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We will be co-facilitating our Workshop LIVE, with the recording available afterwards! To register: Venmo donation/sliding scale to @opulent_witch with email in the notes!


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I am super excited to be teaching in the ~virtual realm~ one of my favorite subjects on October 28th with Krista and Lindsey of Almost 30:

Learn Tarot and Psychic Channeling!

Tarot has and continues to teach me so much about self-healing and guidance and the depths of exploring the archetypes, symbols and signs is truly endless. The ways we can explore tarot are so multi-faceted! In this workshop I will be sharing how I connect to tarot as a healing and divination tool, a tool of self-exploration, and connection to ritual. Through guided visualization, intention setting and ritual, we will explore the symbols and messages in the tarot to reach a deeper relationship with your True and Powerful Self and receive guidance for your daily life. We will explore a series of spreads to deepen your magic and practice your skills!

Bring your own tarot deck or oracle deck!

This class with be LIVE via Zoom.

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