Cosmic Clarity for the Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon: ethereal clarity, liberation + transformation!

This Monday we have a full moon in the expansive air sign Aquarius. Bringing in comic and forward-thinking energies this weekend, the moon in Aquarius is more so centered in the mind, and less emotional. Aquarius is a visionary, and centered in liberation and revolution.

I pulled a few cards to see what we can expect and how to prepare:

I first pulled Death from my Rider-Waite. This realllllly makes sense for an Aquarius full moon, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is known as The Great Awakener. Death comes to us as an ally, death is compassionate but can be startling for parts of us that we are not ready to let go of. Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn- the sobering planet of lessons and discipline. You might feel the urge to rebel against the status quo, your own traditions and rules, and shed programming that is more than ready to release. Death wants to put to rest that which is overdue, the stories and narratives that have been ran in circles, mulled over, and are tired. There is a sense of neutrality when death arrives, which allows ease where there is still clenching. Birth is the other side of the coin, so we always know where there is death there is rebirth.

Cleansing from The Living Altar came through next- this is the water of fire and it is a deep release. As death comes to works it’s magic, water and fire are alchemically present to assist in the transformation. This full moon in Aquarius desires transmutation, turning grief and pain into a source of power and medicine. Cleansing aids in integration, that integration provides clarity and insight that lifts the fog from the mind.

We are truly moving through a portal of clearing and cleansing for this Aquarius Full moon.

Ritual suggestions:

Connect to your future self! Through journaling, write at the top of your page “I invite my Future Self to move through me, through my arm and through my hand, and onto the paper, I ask this to be done with the most sovereignty and for the highest good of all, and so it is”

Allow yourself to stream of consciousness write for 5-8 minutes, ask questions, and allow whatever needs to come through for your guidance and clarity to do so.

Connect with galactic and starbeing energy through sound! I will be leading a group guided meditation + sound healing to connect to cosmic energy, your future self, and invite clearing and clarity on Sunday evening from 8-9:30pmPST. To register, Venmo $15-25 (sliding scale) to @opulent_witch with your email in the notes. I will send out the Zoom link the day of.

If you do not use Venmo you can CashApp ($kikirobinson) or PayPal ( me!


Updates + Offerings:

The Art of Tarot workshop through The Works

On August 17th from 7-9pmPST, I will be teaching The Art of Tarot through The Works via Zoom! This is one of my favorite workshops to teach. This workshop is for beginners or anyone looking to connect with their natural psychic intuition and activate a sense of empowerment. Through guided visualization, intention setting and ritual, we will explore the symbols and messages in the tarot to reach a deeper relationship with your True and Powerful Self and receive guidance for your daily life. We will explore a series of spreads to deepen your magic and practice your skills!

Sign up via The Works: The Art of Tarot

The Living Altar

We have officially sent out all of the decks + packages from the Kickstarter pre-orders! We have been celebrating and feel so excited for our oracle decks to be in the world and working the magic on the altars of witches all over! Thank you so much to everyone who supported us and pre-ordered a deck. This is an almost 3 year project that has come to fruition and we are so grateful. We are working to get our online store up and running so that if you did not pre-order a deck you will be able to buy one!

Stay tuned for our Patreon to launch, a podcast in the works, and new projects.

Check out our website: The Living Altar

Follow us on IG: @thelivingaltar

Private one-on-one sessions + readings

I am available for private sessions in 30-90 min spots, all sessions are now done via Zoom or Skype. We are in a very intense time in the Collective, and there is so much unraveling and dismantling. If you are needing extra energetic support + clarity please reach out or book a session. I just added a 30 min Clearing + Elemental Balancing session for a quick clearing and energetic balancing intended for in between deeper work or if you just need energetic clarity.

My commitment is to collective and community healing + liberation. A reminder that I offer sliding scale options for Queer/Trans/BIPOC/+sex worker communities! Email me to book a sliding scale spot:

Otherwise, all sessions can be booked through my website: Schedule

Sending gratitude and blessings to everyone during this full moon!!



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