Weekly Altar Service in Resistance to Supremacy


 As part of our work with The Living Altar and in collaboration with The Witches Temple at The Cunning Crow Apothecary, we are offering weekly Altar Services for Ritual Resistance to Supremacy.

Every Monday at The Witches Temple we will be building an altar and offering ritual empowerment and healing services in support of the prayers, work, and intentions of our community. During this time we invite local community members to join us in holding sacred space. We will also be offering hands on healing to those in attendance.

At this time, these services are only being made available to and offered FREE of charge to everyone in our communities who are made most vulnerable by colonial, cis/het, white supremacy (read- folx who are BIPOC, gender non-binary, trans, sex workers, disabled, immigrants, Jewish, queer... the list is long... and navigate the violence of marginalization as part of their lived experience.)

This offering is our service. It is anti-supremacist and decolonizing witchcraft. As such we will also be offering unraveling and banishment of the Curse of Supremacy from those who submit a request to participate (please indicate if you'd rather not have curse unraveling and banishment work done for you.)

Check out more info and submit a request here: https://www.livingaltar.com/weekly-altar-services.html

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